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Summer Programme 30th June - 27th August 2021
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News & Events

The New Standard in Health & Safety

All KFG Nurseries and staff are SCC Certified to create the healthiest, safest and most hygienic environment so that your child can flourish and learn, giving you peace of mind. This was achieved in collaboration with Boecker, with which our nursery and staff have completed a full thorough sanitation, hygiene and safety SCC program.

This program includes:

  • Health and safety. To ensure the safest environment, Boecker covers not only general safety notions, but also sleeping conditions, disciplinary measures and proper handling of the child, transportation means, visitor’s policy, first aid kit inspections and regulations, and proper medication administration.
  • Food safety. To decrease food poisoning, we are trained in storage, temperature control, hygienic behavior during serving and baby bottle preparation.
  • Infection control. To decrease the risk of sickness and outbreaks, we are experts in personal hygiene for staff and children, diapering and sanitation.

The SCC is a year-round control program assured by the CIEH-UK, and tailored to safeguard children’s’ physical, educational and emotional wellbeing. The program ensures detailed audits, training of staff members, disinfecting treatments to control germs and awareness sessions for parents.

Kids First Group nurseries are the first to receive the SCC certificate.

A Visit from Ralph the Teddy Bear

An unexpected guest made a surprise visit to the special kids of Ladybird nursery today. It was Ralph the Teddy Bear! He had a bite with all the kids and played with them all afternoon!

The Grand Opening of our Vegetable Garden

We are so happy to announce the opening of our band new vegetable garden! The ladybird students can now become little gardeners, and take care of their seeds everyday until they grow. Imagine how happy they will be when they see their seeds turn into tomatoes, cucumbers or even strawberries!

A Visit from the Petting Zoo

We had such an exciting day today: the petting zoo came to visit us at Ladybird nursery! We had a bunny rabbit, a turtle, a chameleon, a hamster, a snake, a parrot, a duck, and a bird. The little ones could pet them, hold them and spent the day learning all about the animal kingdom.