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Why Choose Us

For our authentic Montessori approach to child development.

We allow children choice, and give them love and respect. At its very core, the Montessori approach understands every child’s need to develop... view more

For our deep partnership with parents.

A child’s journey is affected by everything around them, including the significant people in their lives, the home and nursery environments. These two need to be consistent to ensure the children can flourish. We work in partnership with parents to ensure this consistency... view more

Our beautiful and well-ordered environment.

This allows the child to choose his/her interests and gives them the space to develop in their own unique way... view more

Our amazing team.

Our teachers and assistants are a dedicated group who have been chosen for their love and respect for children. We work together as a supportive team to create a warm learning environment for everyone who spends time with us at our nursery... view more


Safety and Prevention Protocol